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ul.Sienkiewicza 21
77-300 Człuchów

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   PROMET Sp.z o.o.    Produkcja Metalowa

Promet is a polish company established in 1994 witch manufactures the motorbike components.

Its manufacturing plants spread over a total area of 35.000sq. m. 10.000 of which covered.

Its specialised structure of 210 employees ensures the high quality of the product.

The firm is fully independent with all manufacturing operations being carried out inside it using modern machinery like:

  • Mechanical and hydraulic presses for presswoork and blanking of up to 250 tons,
  • Hydraulic sheet shearing and bending machines and tube benders,
  • Lathes, milling and grinding machine to make tools,
  • Automatic and manual Mig/Tig resistance welding machines.

It also has a modern paint shop equipped with degreasing system with phosphating and drying oven.

The company exports to all leading european countries with carriage ensured by its own motor vehicles.

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